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What is the quickest way to list a family-owned, solely-owned
or closely-held business in your World Wide Shopper section?
In the USA, Territories and Caribbean edition we will work up
a listing for you using your copy verbatim from your business
website. Click on either
Contact Us or Place Your Ad and send
us basic information regarding your retail shop and say that
we should list your business. By allowing us to list and adver-
tise your business on our Website you authorize us, and only
us, to use your business website copy in your retail business
listing.  And if necessary, regularly
Revise your Advertisement.
How much do you charge for listing small business on your
website and what do you offer provide when you do this?
We charge family-owned, solely-owned and closely-held,
independent, small businesses
nothing for advertising in our
World Wide Shopper
section. Your World Wide Shopper
advertisement: runs as long as you wish until you notify us to
cancel it; can be easily located by shoppers looking for your
particular items; can be easily revised; can be found through
web search engines, through our local site search engine and
Site Map pages; will contain a hyperlink to your business
website; will be placed in a website conceived and designed
as a viable advertising medium for independent, singly-owned,
family-owned or closely-held small retail businesses through-
out the world. We receive no payment or compensation for
listing small retail businesses in our
World Wide Shopper
section and there are no promotional or advertising fees for
our free listing service charged to owners or operators of
small family-owned or closely-held retail businesses. There are
no tricks or surprises associated with our promoting your
family owned business on our Website.
What do your listings for small family-owned or closely-held
businesses look like and are they easy to read?
The sample below shows the 420x110 pixels panel (between
"Your Business Name" and "Your Complete Business Address
Including Zip-Code") in our small business listing where your
ad copy will be placed. Overall Small Business Text Ad
Dimensions are 420 X 150 pixels. "Your Business Name" and
"Your Complete Business Address Including Zip-Code" will be
added by us.
Your Complete Business Address Including Zip-Code
Try a very easy way to show the world your shop - for free
Go to Place Your Advertisement and tell us you want to list your
business. Include your business website URL along with contact
info and we will design a listing of your independent small
business using your exact copy from your business website.
We will then punctually list your family-owned or
closely-held retail business in
World Wide Shopper
Your Business Name
What type of products or services can we advertise and try to
sell on WWTDirectory?
Thousands and thousands of products can be advertised in
. In this first edition, however, we would like to
primarily concentrate on non-durable and durable goods
smaller and lighter than, for example, a barrel of springs. Also,
please note that we do not run ads for "services" per se in
this edition. If you provide service for your products, be certain
to mention that valuable feature of your business in your ad
copy. We will not accept advertisements which offer or
describe products that are illegal under applicable law, infringe
upon intellectual property rights of third parties, or that can
be easily used for illegal purposes. We will not accept
advertisements for: products which enable consumers to
circumvent digital locks, programming codes, security features
or to gain access to services for which they have not paid;
satellite signal decoding products; fireworks and pyrotechnic
devices; recalled products; degrees or diplomas (unless
accredited by
CHEA, ASPA or the US Secretary of Education);
radar, laser detectors and jammers; non-prepackaged,
perishable food or beverages; pictures or videos of individuals
under 18 years of age; gambling supplies; hazardous
materials, corrosives or combustibles; firearms other than
those used for hunting or target practice; ammunition for
weapons used for purposes other than hunting or target
practice; tasers, stun guns, swords, knives used for purposes
other than hunting or fishing, and automatic weapons in
general; live animals except for poultry livestock and aquarium
stock; controlled substances; unapproved drugs; unapproved
medical devices and drug paraphernalia.  Please read our
Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy.
How soon will my business ad appear on your website after
you receive my ad?
We will send you a "Thank you for allowing us to advertise
your family-owned or solely-owned retail business in World
Wide Shopper!" email within 24 hours after we list your family
owned or closely held small independent retail business. Your
advertisement start-date will be the date your singly-owned,
family-owned or jointly-owned business listing first appears in
our Website. Please note that some retail businesses appear-
ing in our
World Wide Shopper pages are recommended to
us by persons other than the owners of the businesses
shown, or are randomly chosen by us from other media. We
attempt to contact all proprietors of all businesses shown in
World Wide Shopper
. Please also note that we use your
copy from your business website verbatim in the listings we
run showing your business. If for any reason you wish the
listing of your family-owned, solely-owned or closely-held
business removed from our Website, please
Contact Us and
we will delete your small business listing from our website and
remove all information regarding your business from our
records within 24 to 48 hours. Please see our
Privacy Policy
Terms of Use. Our sincere thanks for advertising your
small business with us!
What do you think about spamming businesses to get listings
to place in your World Wide Shopper?
We do not contact small family-owned or solely-owned retail
businesses via email or via telephone calls, asking for small
business listings. We do not send spam via the internet. Small
retail businesses such as listed in World Wide Shopper
be brought to us by business owners themselves or by per-
sons other than the owners of the businesses shown, or may
randomly be chosen by us from other media and placed as a
courtesy to the business owner. We attempt to regularly be in
contact with all owners of all retail businesses shown in the  
World Wide Shopper section of our Website. If, in a reason-
able amount of time, we cannot determine that any given
retail proprietor whose business is listed in World Wide
wishes their business to be listed on our Website
we will pull the listing from our pages and delete from our files
any data we possess relevant to that proprietor's business.
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How many and what size words can I use in my ad to
adequately describe my retail business and to mention sales
and great promotions I may offer now and then?
We will use as many words as will fit within your 40x105 pixels
listing panel (your ad space) and which are legible. Use the
same copy in your advertisement which you have already
composed for your website. Yes, the advertising copy you
should use in your advertisement probably already exists in
your website.
Revise Your Advertisement now and then as the
merchandise you wish to promote changes. Constantly
revising your ad in our pages to show constant promotions
at your business is probably impractical for both of us. Please
understand that we will link to your business website from
your listing in our
World Wide Shopper section, so a lot of
detail about your merchandise and promotions in your ad copy
may not be needed. Your high-quality text ad in our pages is
intended to be a "sign post" to your website showing all
aspects of your excellent business. Please take a look at the
many ads in World Wide Shopper
for more listing examples,
and ... welcome to the advertising business!
Place Your Advertisement
Privacy Policy
Revise Your Advertisement
Terms of Use
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